LiquiGlide Company Secures Private Equity Funding

You may have read our previous post about Liquiglide, a slippery, non-toxic coating created by a team of engineers at MIT originally intended for lining gas pumps. However, the lubricant soon became a way for food and personal care products to squeeze every last drop out of a bottle.

Now, this company and its innovative technology have found the commercial backing necessary to get it on the market. Private equity company Roadmap Capital has invested money that will allow LiquiGlide to score deals in the personal care market. Additionally, the investment has allowed the company to relocate to new office space and an 11,000 square-foot laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. See how it works below.

LiquiGlide Technology

According to research cited by Boers, 17% to 20% of product formulation is often left at the bottom of the bottle by the time it’s “done.” This often leaves customers frustrated about not being able to get full use from their investment. Sometimes, consumers will even cut open packaging to get to the last drop.

This technology makes for a consumer and manufacturer win-win. Not only are consumers happy about getting more out of purchases, but they may also go through the products quicker and require a refill. This is will make the turnaround time much quicker, which is a great advantage to manufacturers.

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