Lotion Tube Market Projected to Grow Over 2.6 Billion by 2021

cosmetic tubes According to a recent study by Markets to Markets regarding the tube packaging market, this segment is projected to grow from $6.65 billion to roughly $9.3 billion by 2021.

Product Integrity

The demand for tubes has increased for several reasons. Manufacturers can create a more reliable product by offering flexible, moisture-resistant packaging. Tubes protect against bacteria and can prolong a product’s shelf-life, making this packaging a desirable feature. Unlike pouches or bottles, a tightly compacted tube with a screw-on cap aids in the preservation of a product.


The cap function is becoming increasingly popular for convenience purposes. Offering a product that has a reliable closure which can easily be fitted with a variety of tubes is effective and unique.

Sizable Convenience

Additionally, size contributes to convenience. Lotion tubes come in a variety of different dimensions; allowing products to become more accessible to users. The market is turning towards these innovations in order to remain relevant within our “on-the-go” culture.  At East Hill Industries, we offer .25 oz to 8 oz options to meet your product needs.


Aside from usability, tubes are aesthetically pleasing and easily customizable. Silk screening, hot stamping, heat transfer and label application are affordable ways to make your brand stand out.

If you’re ready to consider tubes for your line, check out some of the tube options we offer.